Here at I-Style we make products that fit your needs.


We believe that natural, pure, high- quality products made without chemicals are better for your skin. That’s why we custom make soaps, bath scrubs, delicious lip scrubs and balms, pure lotion and deodorant bars. We also hand craft custom jewelry made with natural gemstones and crystals as well as search for the absolute BEST watches and accessories that money can buy. Every line we carry is made in the USA and contains no plastic packaging! None, nada, zero! We believe in products that are good for the body, good for the soul and good for the planet.

Make I-Style Your Style!



I-Style began as an idea--why do we all have to have the same jewelry, the same clothing, the same ideas? We are all unique and want different products that reflect our personal style. So began I-Style, where the I stands for individual; YOUR style, YOUR preferences, YOUR choices. That’s why all of our I-Style products are customizable to fit YOUR style.


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